Moms who took maternity leave from BC government jobs while unvaccinated ordered to repay $50,000 in benefits

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During the pandemic, many women in British Columbia’s public sector took advantage of the maternity leave benefits made available to them.

Now, those who chose to remain unvaccinated are being asked by the BC government to repay the benefits they received, despite in many cases taking leave prior to the implementation of the mandates.  

According to MyPGNow, during the pandemic a top-up benefit was offered to women on maternity leave which paid around 80 percent of their salary. The benefit was given under the condition that employees would return to work on a set date. Those who failed to do so would be liable to pay the money back.

BC’s vaccine mandate for public sector employees went into effect on November 8, 2021. As a result, anyone who did not abide by the rule and was not granted an exception was told they would not be welcome back to their jobs, even if they worked from home.

Many women chose not to take the vaccine, and since it was a requirement to work, they were technically in violation of their contracts. This meant they would likely miss their aforementioned return to work date, putting them on the hook for the money they received while on leave.

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