MSNBC pundit says corporate media's tanking ratings, rise of Daily Wire is a 'problem for democracy'

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Dan Pfeiffer, a correspondent for MSNBC, went on the air to complain that newer conservative-leaning outlets like the Daily Wire have “more followers and engagement” than mainstream outlets like The New York Times or CNN.

Pfeiffer, as well as being a co-host of the “Save America” podcast, was previously a senior adviser to the Obama administration.

While a chyron below the talking heads read, “fighting misinformation ahead of midterm elections,” Pfeiffer said to his colleagues, “If you go to Facebook on a daily basis,” Pfeiffer started in on his commentary, “the most, the posts with the most engagement are from Dan Shapiro [sic], or Ben Shapiro,” he said, correcting himself.

Pfeiffer continued listing other conservative public figures Dan Bongino and Candace Owens.

“It is right wing content; it dwarfs progressive content. It dwarfs mainstream media content, which actually should be the part that scares us the most, that Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire has more followers and engagement, many time more than The New York Times or CNN.”

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