MSNBC Shows Up at a Black Barbershop, Gets the Truth About Trump and Biden

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It’s not about racism, gender theory or any other cockamamie abstract brain waste. It’s about reality.

MSNBC sent correspondent Trymaine Lee to a barbershop in Charleston, South Carolina, according to Fox News.  His mission: to ask a focus group of black male voters what “appeal” Trump has over the Democrat incumbent.

If Lee was after a Biden puff piece, he went to the wrong place.

“There are some people in your orbit who are either voting for Donald Trump or considering it?” Lee asked the group of black men sitting in a row of barber chairs.

“For sure. A lot of my friends are … they’re like, well, we’re broke with Biden, we weren’t with Trump.  … With Trump, we had money,” a young voter answered, without hesitation.

Several other men in the focus group responded with, “Money.”

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