MTG to lead probe into Hunter Biden’s prostitutes amid concerns they were human trafficking victims

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“We’re going to track down these women and talk to them and if there is a credible reason that we need to bring them in front of the Oversight Committee then absolutely we will do that. Especially when it involves our national security,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said, according to the outlet.

“I’ve been talking about it with [committee] Chairman [James] Comer and we’re already working in that direction,” she added.

Greene, the Republican lawmaker from Georgia that sits on the House Oversight Committee, has been authorized to view the Biden family’s bank records under Suspicious Activity Reports which she said allegedly reveal summary of pages containing the terms “human sex trafficking” and “prostitution rings” in relation to Hunter Biden’s alleged payments to prostitutes.

“There was an entire stack of papers and it was each transaction, each person, each LLC, Hunter Biden’s law firm, Hunter Biden himself, and multiple Biden family members — then it was all these prostitutes. And you can go through and it gives all the prostitutes’ names, addresses, birthdates, telephone numbers, their passports,” Greene explained.

“We need to talk to them, especially the ones from Russia and Ukraine. … We need to find out where they were with Hunter Biden. Did they go in the White House when [Joe Biden] was Vice President? We just need to know these things. Where they’ve been, what they know, what they’ve seen, what they’ve heard,” she added.

Greene said that Hunter’s solicitation of foreign prostitutes poses a great risk to US national security because they could have been spies and/or could have obtained sensitive information “especially given the fact that our country is funding a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine.”

Hunter’s affairs with both foreign and American prostitutes were well-documented, and according to the contents found on his abandoned laptop, the First Son would pay thousands of dollars per sexual romp, NY Post reports.

Hunter Biden paid $8,000 to an escort named Gulnora from the service Emerald Fantasy Girls in 2018. This transaction reportedly alerted secret service because the card he used was linked to President Biden’s personal account, which racked up $25,000 in charges from Hunter in less than an hour.

Chairman James Comer of the House Oversight Committee told the outlet that the purpose of having the sex workers testify before congress is to determine if they were human trafficked.

“Congresswoman Greene is very concerned about the possibility that the women being paid for prostitution by the president’s son who were foreign nationals were human trafficked. She plans to lead a probe to determine if in fact they were human trafficked and if the Biden family has tried to intimidate them or cover the story up,” Comer said.

Comer also said that the committee is investigating a corporation formed by Hunter Biden called Owasco P.C., which is believed to be involved with the transactions.

“The Committee is also concerned that Hunter Biden used his professional corporation for non-business related expenditures and did not maintain proper books and records. We are looking into all aspects of how Owasco P.C. was used to conceal payments to and from foreign nationals,” Comer said.

The NY Post’s bombshell reporting on the contents found in Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop revealed hundreds of emails relating to the company Owasco, and how Hunter reportedly used it to distribute cash payouts to him and his family.

Comer revealed subpoenaed bank records on Wednesday which show that Hunter and his family “had operated more than 20 LLCs and taken in at least $10 million in foreign money”, according to the Post.

The Georgia congresswoman said those reports left her “speechlesss.”

“I am rarely ever speechless. I was literally speechless. I didn’t know what to say. I was so shocked at the depth of crimes that this family has committed,” Greene told The Post. “It’s like looking at the blueprint of how money laundering works and how pay-to-play schemes are had and literally how they are carried out.”

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