MUST WATCH: Comedian cracks epic George Floyd joke, triggered audience members leave: ‘I like Kyle Rittenhouse too!’

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At a recent show, comedian David Lucas offended several audience members by telling a joke about George Floyd, causing them to angrily storm out of the venue.

Lucas asked, “You want to show them the reason George Floyd got his neck kneeled on?”

“Don’t ‘oo’ at that joke,” He added to the uneasy crowd. “It’s just a joke man. I would have never kneeled on George Floyd’s neck. I would have shot that n*gga.”

It was at that point one man in the audience yelled at the comedian, “You need to know about George Floyd before you get yo a** up there talking about him.” The man continued, “You really stoop low to be funny don’t you know that.”

“It’s called comedy,” Lucas responded. Several more members of the audience continued to let the performers know that they were leaving.

“I like Kyle Rittenhouse too!” He added as the last of the group was leaving.

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