MUST WATCH: Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre SLAMS Trudeau for falsely claiming the trucker convoy is ‘racist’

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Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre slammed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his liberal party in the House of Commons on Monday after Trudeau and members of his parties defamed the truckers’ protest in Ottawa as racist. Poilievre called out the many “racist” actions taken by Liberals in recent years, and noted that these actions do not speak for the entire party.

“Just because the Prime Minister dressed up in racist costumes so many times, he can’t remember them all,” Poilievre said, “doesn’t mean every single Liberal is a racist. Just because the Prime Minister had tried to help a corporation avoid prosecution after it stole from some of Africa’s poorest people, doesn’t mean all Liberals are racist. Just because about a half dozen liberal MPs who are racial minorities complained about his treatment of them does not mean that all Liberals are racist. That is guilt by association. Why doesn’t the Prime Minister opt instead for personal responsibility?”

After a response from House of Commons Leader Mark Holland, Poilievre said “I agree we should always call out evil symbols and the individuals who are individually responsible for putting them up. I remember a January 18 January 2018 event where the Prime Minister stared straight at a swastika and instead of condemning it said ‘thank you for coming, sir.’ We on this side condemn evil symbols whenever they are used. I do respect that member. I just wish his government would respect of 1000s of people fighting for their livelihoods right now. We’re trying to do the best to get this country back on track.”

Poilievre has come out in support of the truckers’ protest, called the Freedom Convoy, some of whom have promised to stay in Ottawa until Trudeau’s vaccine mandates are lifted or Trudeau resigns. The convoy leaders have said that current Conservative leader Erin O’Toole should step aside and give the top spot to Poilievre.

Neither Trudeau nor members of his Liberal party have backed the protestors, instead offering condemnation of their actions. One Ottawa councillor suggested that the money raised by truckers in their GoFundMe should be seized. This after Trudeau has publicly offered his support for the truckers earlier in the pandemic for keeping Canadians’ grocery shelves stocked.

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