MUST WATCH: Disgraced IDW bro Sam Harris says we wouldn’t be so fragmented if more children had died of Covid

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On Friday, prominent atheist Sam Harris went on the Uniting America podcast and told host John Wood Jr there would be less Covid vaccine skepticism if the disease were “preferentially dangerous to children rather than old people” and later said “give me kids being preferentially killed or injured by this disease.”

Harris said, “Leave Covid exactly as it is, but just make it preferentially dangerous to children rather than to old people. Right? Just flip that around, the variable of age. If kids were dying by the hundreds of thousands from Covid at a rate of whatever it was, you know, 1 percent, but it was pretty much all kids. We would have had a very different experience.”

“And there would have been no f*cking patience for vaccines skepticism, right?” Harris said. “And everyone would have recognized that this is not ‘my body, my choice.’ This is ‘you’re not going to kill my kids with your ignorance.’ Right?”

“We have to get back to a world where we trust the experts,” Harris said earlier in the podcast, making the point that society functions best as a technocracy.

Reports of myocarditis as a side effect of the Covid vaccine emerged almost immediately after the vaccine rollouts and persisted through 2022, despite experts saying otherwise. 

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