MUST WATCH: Russel Brand CRUSHES John Heilemann over MSNBC's bias, propaganda

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On Friday’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, Russell Brand called out MSNBC commentator John Heilemann for “throwing rocks at Fox News” while his network participates in “propagandist nut-crackery” and gave examples after Heilemann refused to acknowledge his liberal bias, leaving the pundit unable to articulate a comeback except repeating “nonresponsive… nonresponsive.” 

“It’s disingenuous to claim that the biases they’ve exhibited on Fox News are any different from the biases exhibited on MSNBC,” Brand said. “It’s difficult to suggest that these corporations operate as anything other than mouthpieces for their affiliate owners in Black Rock and Vanguard.”

“We have to take responsibility for our own perspective,” Brand said, and later added, “I’ve been on that MSNBC, mate. It was propagandist nut-crackery.” In 2013, Brand appeared on Morning Joe on a day when Joe Scarborough was absent. As Brand wrote on his website, Mika Brzezinski and the co-hosts only talked about the “shrill, white noise of dumb current affairs.”

On Real Time, Brand recounted to Heilemann how none of them were “trying to bring real journalism to the American people.” 

Brand finished by saying “Within the castle of MSNBC, throwing rocks at Fox News is ludicrous” and “Make MSNBC great again.”

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