MUST WATCH: Woman coaches young boy to identify as a girl, claim that boys are 'nasty'

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A video has emerged on social media of what appears to be a woman encouraging a young boy to identify as a girl.

In the short clip, the boy is dressed in a pink sparkly cheerleader outfit and the woman filming, whose identity has not been confirmed, asks if he feels like a boy or a girl. The boy replies that he feels like a girl, and when pressed, says that he thinks boys are “nasty” and “gross” because “they’re not pretty.”

The accompanying subtext informs viewers that “Evan has not stated he identifies as trans, but he has stated he does not identify solely as a boy.” Evan appears to be approximately three or four years of age.

After stating that he feels more like a girl, and that he’s a “girl/boy,” the woman, stroking his long hair tied up in pigtails, repeats “so you feel more like a girl,” and Evan agrees.

When asked what he thinks about boys, Evan’s head snaps up and he delivers a definitive “nasty.” He goes on to describe them as “gross,” and when asked why he thinks that, he gives the reason that “they’re not pretty.”

More subtext tells us that the intention behind the video is to educate and remind people how important support and acceptance are for LGBTQ+ youth.

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