'My Son Hunter' director Robert Davi on how conservatives need to create new culture

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The new film My Son Hunter premiered this week and director Robert Davi spoke with The Post Millennial about conservatism in Hollywood, the future of politics and entertainment, and why he chose to tell this story right now.

“Here we have a laptop and a story of alleged influence peddling with the Communist Chinese party, with Ukraine, the Russian mafia, with other entities, and there is no reporting on it at all until recently,” Davi said.

My Son Hunter focuses on the scandals and controversies that have surrounded Hunter Biden from his substance abuse to family drama, all the while highlighting the corruption of the Biden family, including Joe Biden’s profiteering from his son’s business ventures in places like Ukraine and China.

“We’re dealing with a character, the [then] vice president’s son, who has an addiction. You know, and that’s a plague in America,” the director said of his take on Hunter. “The broken dreams aspect of the psychology behind addiction and understanding, I wasn’t going to demonize that aspect,” the director said about crafting his portrayal.

“I want to make a film,” Davi explained, one where he could dig into the character’s motivations and subtexts.

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