National Park Service advises NOT to use bear attacks to kill a 'slower friend'

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On Tuesday, the National Park Service warned that bears in the wild can be dangerous and that individuals should not use a bear attack as an opportunity to “push a slower friend down” so the bear could kill the companion.

The National Park Service tweeted, “If you come across a bear, never push a slower friend down…even if you feel the friendship has run its course.⁣⁣”

“If not friend, why friend shaped? What about your other friend? Seeing a bear in the wild is a special treat for any visitor to a national park. While it is an exciting moment, it is important to remember that bears in national parks are wild and can be dangerous,” they followed up in another tweet, and then concluded with “When spring arrives and the snow begins to melt, many bears become more active,” and linked to their website that included many tips to help survival in a bear encounter.

Some of the tips the National Park Service provides include “Keeping your distance and not surprising bears.”

If a bear does notice a human, the service recommends talking to the bear in low tones so it identifies the person as a human. They recommend remaining still and calm and slowly waving your arms. 

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