NBC guest wears 'Thank God for Abortion' shirt during segment on Florida's pro-life law

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In their Friday coverage of Florida’s new 15-week abortion ban, NBC invited a guest onto the show wearing a T-shirt that read “Thank God for Abortion.”

As part of a segment covering the law, NBC interviewed multiple guests, including Florida Planned Parenthood affiliate Mayte Canino and abortion activist Stephanie Loraine Pineiro. Pineiro works as the co-director of the Florida Access Network (FAN), according to the Women’s Media Center. In 2019, she received the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute Award for her work with abortion activists in Florida and Puerto Rico and has been an advocate for abortion with FAN since 2015.

During her interview with the “TODAY” show, she wore her T-shirt which quickly caught the attention of outlets like Blaze and critics on social media. Pineiro clearly wasn’t trying to hide her stance. She told the audience that under the current terms of the Florida law, she would be unable to undergo an abortion.

“If I was pregnant right now, I wouldn’t be able to have an abortion,” she said.

Pineiro’s shirt caused an uproar on social media. NewsBusters executive editor Tim Graham called NBC’s decision to air the segment on Good Friday “obscene.”

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