NCAA gives Lia Thomas trophy after tie with Kentucky swimmer who goes home empty-handed

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A senior University of Kentucky swimmer that competed in the 200 yard freestyle race on Friday at the NCAA women’s championship against biological male swimmer Lia Thomas, who competes on the women’s team, says that NCAA officials placed the UPenn swimmer ahead of her on the podium, despite the two tying in the race.

Speaking with The Daily Wire in a phone conversation, Riley Gaines said that as NCAA officials were handing out trophies on the podium following the race, he said:  “Hey, I just want to let you know, we only have one fifth place trophy, so yours will be coming in the mail. We went ahead and gave the fifth place trophy to Lia, but you can pose on the podium with the sixth place trophy.”

Gaines was taken aback, and briefly argued with the official before taking the sixth place trophy and standing beside Thomas, a biological male, who has stirred controversy over the swimming season.

“Ok that’s fine, she worked hard, just like I worked hard, there’s no question there,” Gaines recalled telling the official as she argued with him. “But can I ask why she gets the fifth place trophy before I do? Especially last night, she just won the national title.”

Gaines said that the awards were given out in chronological order, perhaps in reference to the lanes the swimmers competed in.

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