Neil Young says Joe Rogan 'purposefully' spread Covid 'misinformation'

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In November of 2022, Canadian musician Neil Young went on the Howard Stern Show to again falsely claim that Joe Rogan was “purposely” putting out “misinformation” about Covid on his podcast, causing the 77-year-old rocker to take his music off of Spotify.

Young told Stern, “So these people were distressed by the fact that Spotify was doing this misinformation with some show they had. And I listened to it and I did and they were saying he purposely is saying the stuff that he knows isn’t true. About Covid And people are dying you know.”

Young had told Stern that he had “woke up one morning and somebody I heard somebody saying there was some scientists were saying something about Covid or some doctors and they were saying something about Covid and how many people were dying in hospitals and misinformation.”

Young said the “distressed” people he was listening to were “nurses and everything and these people are with these people who are dying.”

In January of 2022, Young removed his music from Spotify after criticizing the platform for hosting The Joe Rogan Experience. At the time, Rogan had spoken to both Robert Malone and

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