New documentary features the stories of 3 detransitioners

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Award-winning film producer Jennifer Lahl released a trailer for her new documentary on Wednesday, “The Detransition Diaries.” The documentary features interviews of three young women who transitioned to the opposite sex, only to change course after realizing they had made a huge mistake. This film focuses on the rising number of young girls and women who are deciding to transition.

“In The Detransition Diaries, you will meet Helena, Cat, and Grace, who all came from different backgrounds but shared similar struggles. Not wanting to live in this world as female, all began medical transition by taking testosterone and one went as far as having a double mastectomy,” the YouTube trailer description reads. Detranisiton Diaries highlights how medical professionals, therapists, counselors, and even school officials played a role in their transition by “affirming” their trans identities without question and shuttling them down the path of irreversible medical transition.

The women describe the ease of obtaining testosterone from gender clinics. Two had obtained the cross-sex hormone from Planned Parenthood, Helena after a one hour visit, and Cat after only a 30 minute phone call.

Grace describes the immediate regret she felt about having an elective surgery to remove her healthy breasts in order to appear more masculine. “After the surgery I had been hit with these awful feelings of having made a huge mistake… I was looking down at my body and seeing these weeping gashes on my chest and having the most awful feeling.”

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