New education media group aims to make space for teachers, parents who don't buy into progressive agenda

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The Chalkboard Review is teaming up with Choice Media to create a platform for independent education news, challenging the hyper-progressive narrative in education and media. The new website counters the severely left-leaning outlets which dominate the education news space.

Choice Media underwent a leadership change in which Tony Kinnett, in February 2022, replaced Robert Bowdon, and the group became Chalkboard Media, focusing not only on school choice issues and parents being able to use their education dollars for the education that best suits their children’s needs, but also on broader aspects of education.

“It is crucial in this time of public education’s decline, political chaos, and progressives’ disastrous attempts at putting teachers, administrators, and parents in a stranglehold that we elevate the voices of all stakeholders in education—not just the chosen, left-leaning few,” Kinnett said of the reasons behind the new partnership.

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