New ‘FoxLeak’ Video Turns People Who Never Watched Tucker Carlson Into Huge Fans: ‘I Love These’

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Someone is leaking videos of Tucker Carlson, which were taken by Fox News cameras and never intended to become public, to the far-left media in the wake of his exit from the network.

If the motive behind whoever is sharing them is to make Carlson appear ugly, uncouth, indecent — and ultimately a nasty person — their plan is backfiring.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly theorized on Monday that someone at the network is working with both Media Matters and The New York Times to share off-air comments from Carlson in order to smear him with a drip campaign of steady clip leaks. (However, a Fox representative has denied this theory, saying, “This is completely false and an outright lie.”)

Right now, it is unclear who is behind it all.

No matter their source, videos of Carlson in his off-air state have been circulating on social media throughout the last several days.

They show that Carlson is like many normal people: brash, funny, honest, thoughtful, and sometimes vulgar.

One “FoxLeak” clip shared by the far-left media “watchdog” group Media Matters on Wednesday shows Carlson going off on one of Dominion Voting Systems’ attorneys after he was deposed during the company’s civil suit against his former employer.

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