New Jersey woman dies after burning down house full of cats rather than face eviction

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“They knocked on our door this morning,” neighbor Erin Luca said. “Thank God it was a pretty loud knock. They told us to leave. She was threatening with a bomb or to bomb the house and ended up with a fire.”

“This is a quiet little town,” she added. “That’s why we moved here. This is something that’s rocking the town right now.”

Emma Quackenbush, who lived in the adjoining unit, told NBC News that her home of twenty-two years was rendered “unlivable,” and lamented the loss of all her possessions.

In an interview with the Asbury Park Press, Roosevelt Mayor Peggy Malkin said that the woman had been living in the home for at least ten years.

“She had many, many cats,” Malkin stated, adding that her collection of felines had gotten to a point where a “cat house” was built on the property.

According to Malkin, the woman had worked as a pet sitter, taking care of animals in and around the neighborhood.

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