New Video of Fetterman Shows He Is Unfit to Serve in Senate: ‘What a Freaking Joke!’

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The mental health of Sen. John Fetterman is back in the news after a video from a Senate hearing further proves that he is unfit to serve.

Earlier this year, the Pennsylvania Democrat checked himself into Walter Reed in Maryland to be treated for symptoms of clinical depression. Last month, he was discharged from the hospital.

Since leaving the hospital, he has returned to his congressional duties and carried on as if nothing ever happened. Despite his and the Democrats’ best efforts, however, he constantly demonstrates that he does not have the mental capacity to serve as a senator.

The latest embarrassing moment came on Tuesday, during a meeting of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs concerning the recent collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank.

When it came time for Fetterman to question the former CEO of the now-defunct bank, instead of asking a question, he gave a series of rambling, incoherent, and disjointed statements.

The video showed Fetterman clearly struggling to collect his thoughts. He constantly tripped over his words, repeated himself, and jumped from one disconnected thought to another.

By the time he gets around to actually posing a question, it is almost impossible for the CEO to answer as the purpose of the question is unintelligible.

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