New York Post Editorial Board Takes Shot at Vivek Ramaswamy, Tucker Carlson

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Hell hath no fury like a media empire scorned, apparently.

In a scathing Friday editorial taking aim at presidential candidate and conservative activist Vivek Ramaswamy, the New York Post’s board said his run had “devolved into a bid for social-media fame” in part because he wanted Tucker Carlson as a debate moderator.

Carlson, who was fired from his position at Fox News while still remaining under Fox News contract, has taken his show onto X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, getting a new “very online”

This reaction came after a Friday statement by Ramaswamy in which he offered, as an antidote to declining ratings for Republican debates, a debate on social media to juice interest.

“This January GOP debate should be held on X, not on cable TV, moderated by Tucker [Carlson], who might just ask questions that primary voters actually care about,” Ramaswamy told the Post.

“They say they want to reach younger voters and new audiences? Well that’s how you do it,” he added.

Now, whether or not this actually reaches a larger audience is anyone’s guess; short of an appearance by Donald Trump, who happens to be the frontrunner in this race and has avoided the scrums for second, I suspect nothing would get the ratings out of the gutter.

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