Newsom Debate Takes Brutal Turn as Opponent Pulls Out an All-Brown Map

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Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom of California has really stepped in it. In fact, make that trend. Never let the public think of one without the other:

The Gavin Newsom Poop Map.

During an unusual debate Thursday on Fox News, Republican presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis held up a printed screenshot from an app that plots reports of human feces on San Francisco streets, drawing a smirk and a chuckle from the slick-haired California governor.

DeSantis shared a 37-second clip of the poop map moment on X and transcribed parts of what he said in the clip.

“This is a map of San Francisco. There’s a lot of plots on that. You may be asking ‘what is that plotting?’” the Florida governor said.

“This is an app where they plot the human feces that are found on the streets of San Francisco,” he said. “That is what has happened in one of the previous greatest cities this country has ever had.”

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