Newsom Throws Fit After Walgreens Refuses to Do Dems Dirty Work, Says California Will Cease Doing Business with Co.

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California’s leftist governor Gavin Newsom is lashing out at a major pharmacy chain that refuses to provide abortion pills in certain states.

According to CNN Business, Walgreens will not distribute the abortion pill in 20 states after Republican lawmakers in those states promised legal action against companies who distributed the pill.

Although this in no way affects California, as it is not one of the 20 states that will not receive the abortion pill, Gov. Newsom is throwing a fit over the issue and said that the state will cease to do business with the pharmacy.

On Monday, Newsom took to Twitter to complain, “California won’t be doing business with @walgreens — or any company that cowers to the extremists and puts women’s lives at risk. We’re done.”

First off, we need to ask, who is really the “extremist” in this situation? Is it the GOP lawmakers who want to protect the sanctity of life, or is it the leftist governor who is devoted to enshrining killing the unborn as a human right?

Also, it needs to be said that Newsom’s decision will only hurt Californians, as they may lose access to vital necessities through the governor’s refusal to do business with them.

One Twitter user wrote, “This will only hurt Californians.”

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