Newsweek runs FALSE 'fact check' claiming Greta Thunberg didn’t tweet the world will end in 2023 even though she did

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In 2018, teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, who famously dropped out of school because she was so anxious about climate change ending the world that she could not focus on her studies, shared an article on Twitter about the predicted end times. Later, she deleted the tweet.

The post, from 2018, stated that the world would come crashing to an end in five years. The world did not end, and Thunberg deleted the tweet. But for Newsweek, claims that Thunbgerg deleted the tweet after the world did not end are “false.” Their reason? Because those who noted that Thunberg deleted the tweet didn’t address the claims made in the article she shared.

“The tweet that Thunberg allegedly sent referenced an article that did not say the world would end by 2023,” Newsweek’s fact check reads. 

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