NFL Team May Need to Change Name After Feds Send a Notice to Ownership

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Being a fan of the Washington NFL team is tough.

Whether it’s been called the Redskins, the Football Team or the Commanders, the team simply hasn’t been consistently good since winning its last Super Bowl in 1991.

In fact, since that Super Bowl, the team now called the Commanders has had just three seasons where it won 10 or more games. Conversely, in that same time frame, it has had 14 seasons where it lost 10 or more games.

But while the football product has been lacking for fans, in an embarrassing twist, the off-the-field incidents might be even worse than the debacle of a team Washington fields year in and year out.

Much of the franchise’s shame falls on beleaguered owner Dan Snyder, who is in the middle of selling the team.

The sordid tale leading up to that sale of the franchise involved federal investigations, alleged financial violations and accusations of, effectively, pimping out the team’s cheerleaders.

That’s to say nothing about the Commanders’ FedEx Field, largely considered to be the worst NFL stadium in existence.

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