NHL-promoted trans hockey tournament ends predictably, with male domination and concussed female player

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During the “All-Trans Draft Tournament,” held between November 19 and 20 in Middleton, Wisconsin, one biological female athlete was left concussed after a biological male athlete pushed the other athlete to the ground.

According to journalist Jonathan Kay, writing for Quillette, player #91 on Team Black, a self-described female-to-male transgender player, was pushed to the ground by player #90 of Team Pink, who self-describes as a “bisexual trans woman.”

Player #91 was seen on video entering the ice only to have player #90, a much larger person, bump into player #91, knocking the athlete head-first into the wall of the rink.

“The contact doesn’t look particularly serious when you watch it on video. It may even have been entirely accidental. But the size imbalance between the two skaters was so great that the Team Black player ended up being propelled head first into the boards with enough force to deliver a concussion,” Kay wrote.

It reportedly took more than 17 minutes to get the player stretchered off of the ice.

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