Nick Sandmann says diocese, school condemned him based on media's false reporting of his actions at the 2019 March for Life

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Speaking at a Florida Governor Ron DeSantis roundtable on media defamation on Tuesday, former Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann spoke on his experience with the media’s reaction to a viral clip from 2019 showing him and other students at the March for Life.

Sandmann told DeSantis that on the bus ride back to Kentucky at 3 am he found out that a clip showing himself standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial wearing a “MAGA” hat as Native American man Nathan Phillips approached Sandmann face-to-face and banged on drums went viral.

The media called Sandmann and his fellow classmates names, saying that Sandmann had a “punchable face,” and branding him as a “racist” aggressor, despite taking no action.

“There were already pictures of my face Photoshopped on to lunch counter protests during the Civil Rights Movement,” Sandmann said, adding that “I was very confused because I hadn’t even said anything, I had stood there until our bus came and I had gone home.”

“One of the arguments that I’ve heard in defense of what they’ve done is that, well, this was an updated story. So we were giving the information we had at the time, but that conflicts with what they want to do, which is to sell copies, get clicks, they want the revenue, and so it’s got to be inflammatory, but they’re also saying, well, we were only telling you what we knew at the time,” said Sandmann.

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