'NOSTALGIA': Zellers to return in 2023 thanks to Hudson's Bay

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Zellers may make a comeback next year, more than a decade after the store closed its last locations in Canada.

Hudson’s Bay Co. said that Zellers will roll out an e-commerce website and open physical brick-and-mortar stores within Hudson’s Bay department stores in early 2023, reports Global News.

The large retailer said that the Zellers relaunch will offer “a digital-first shopping journey that taps into the nostalgia of the brand.”

The announcement comes amid a cost of living crisis that continues to drive consumers to stores that offer lower prices, such as Dollarama and Walmart.

According to Retail Insider: One of the goals of the new Zellers concept is to create a “digital-first shopping journey that taps into the nostalgia of the brand Canadians know and love” while at the same time, a “refreshed identity” will be presented for the new Zellers. A “unique and exciting product assortment for families at everyday value” will be part of the mix, indicating that pricing for the Zellers stores will be at the lower-end similar to the previous Zellers stores that Canadians know from years ago.

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