Not a Bank: King Charles Infuriated Harry with New Rule After Prince Announced Meghan as Fiancée – Report

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A new book claims money was one of the major issues that created friction between Prince Harry and his father, now King Charles III.

The 2016 incident that set the tone for what was to come was revealed in excerpts from Robert Jobson’s book “Our King: Charles III — The Man And The Monarch Revealed”  that were published by the Daily Mail.

According to the book, Harry became angry after his father made a new rule limiting who would be on the royal payroll after Harry told his family that he planned to marry Meghan Markle, now titled the Duchess of Sussex.

“Are you sure, Harold?” Prince William asked Harry, according to the book. (Harry’s recent autobiography revealed William sometimes calls his younger brother “Harold,” even though that’s not his real name.)

The book said Charles did not offer congratulations, but instead noted that while the royal purse was supporting now-Queen Consort Camilla and William’s family, there was no money for Meghan.

The book called the statement a “bombshell” and noted that it “infuriated Harry.”

The book said Harry called his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, from California to complain, but that went nowhere.

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