Notorious trans activist brags about supplying illegal cross-sex hormones to 'trans youth'

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Trans activist Eli Erlick has openly boasted on social media of operating an illegal drug trafficking operation involving supplying vulnerable minors who identify as transgender with powerful cross-sex hormones, and is actively encouraging others to do the same.

“I’m now a proud criminal in Mississippi for ‘aiding and abetting’ lifesaving medicine for trans youth,” tweeted Erlick Monday. “I realize the risks of posting this but it’s more important to encourage others to share lifesaving medications than guarantee one’s safety (granted I’m in little danger in NY).”

The trans-identified male activist orders more drugs than required in order to be able to fulfill the role of illegal hormone supplier to youth who believe themselves to be members of the opposite sex.

“I order 4 times more oestrogen & testosterone blockers than I actually take,” explains Erlick on Twitter. “You should too.”

“Several states have now banned trans medicine for minors but we won’t let a single young person go without medication. We’ll provide care ourselves if youth can’t access formal medicine.”

Matt Walsh tweeted to say he has contacted the Mississippi governor’s office regarding this crime.

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