NYT Accidentally Runs Devastating Hit on Itself, Dems, Rest of Media All at Once

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Good news, everyone: The New York Times has discovered what caused that huge spike in violence that began in 2020 and is only beginning to ease now.

Bad news: It’s them, along with every other major media outlet.

Not that they realize it. Don’t expect any Walt Kelly-esque “We have met the enemy and he is us” kind of mea culpa. In fact, the cluelessness of the Gray Lady is exemplified in the title of the report bearing this news in Friday’s edition of their email newsletter The Morning: “A drop in murders this year exemplifies the kind of news story that can get relatively little attention.”

And there’s at least some signs of hope. “At the start of this year, America’s crime trends looked grim: Murders had spiked at a record speed in 2020 and increased further in 2021,” the report by the Times’ German Lopez began. “But now that the year is ending, it’s clear that the violence has eased.

“Murders in large U.S. cities are down more than 5 percent so far in 2022 compared to the same time last year, according to the research firm AH Datalytics. Gun deaths, injuries and mass shootings are also down this year.”

Now, murders being down 5 percent in large cities doesn’t at all make it “clear that the violence has eased.” Consider that, as Fox News notes, murders in 2020 were up almost 30 percent over 2019 numbers, and 2021’s numbers were higher than that. However, yes, it’s better when that number is lower than higher, so let’s give thanks to that.

Beyond the what, however, there’s the question of why. As the Times notes, it’s because “[t]he causes of the murder spike have receded.” And by “the causes,” you may read “everything the media exacerbated about the annus horribilis of 2020.”

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