Oakland A's fire broadcaster for mispronouncing 'negro' after inspirational visit Negro League Museum

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“I sincerely apologize to everyone who was hurt by this. It was a terrible but honest mispronunciation, and I take full responsibility,” Kuiper added.

“Racism is in no way a part of me” Kuiper continued, stating that he prides himself to be an “honest, caring, kind, honorable, respectful husband and father” that would “never utter a disparaging word about anybody.”

Kuiper expressed that he believes he was given a wrongful termination and wished that the “Oakland A’s and NBC Sports would have taken into consideration my 20-year career, my solid reputation, integrity and character, but in this current environment traits like integrity and character are no longer considered.”

“I will always have a hard time understanding how one mistake in a 20-year broadcasting career is cause for termination, but I know something better is in my future,” he added. “I love the game of baseball and I love being a broadcaster, and I love the Bay Area community. I hope I will be remembered for that.”

Bob Kendrick, the president of the museum who had taken Kuiper and Braden on the tour, released a statement encouraging others to forgive Kuiper for the obvious “mistake” in the use of language.

“I’m aware of the unfortunate slur made by Glen Kuiper,” Kendrick said in a statement at the time. “I welcomed Glen to the NLBM yesterday and know he was genuinely excited to be here. The word is painful and has no place in our society. And while I don’t pretend to know Glen’s heart I do know that my heart is one of forgiveness. I hope all of you will find it in yourselves to do the same!”

According to the Associated Press, NBC’s decision to fire Kuiper allegedly followed information that was uncovered during an internal review of the 60-year-old famous broadcast veteran, in addition to the incident on May 5.

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