Office actor Rainn Wilson SLAMS Hollywood for 'anti-Christian bias'

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On Saturday, Rainn Wilson, an actor best known for playing Dwight Kurt Schrute on the beloved television series The Office, said that there is an “anti-Christian bias in Hollywood” as evidenced by a portrayal in the new HBO show, The Last of Us.

“I do think there is an anti-Christian bias in Hollywood. As soon as the David character in ‘The Last of Us’ started reading from the Bible I knew that he was going to be a horrific villain,” the actors tweeted.

“Could there be a Bible-reading preacher on a show who is actually loving and kind,” Wilson continued.

The Last of Us, based off of the award-winning 2013 video game developed by Naughty Dog, is a post-apocalyptic show where a fungal infection has created a breed of zombie-like creatures that eat human flesh.

In the video game, David is the leader of a group of survivors who have turned to cannibalism and serves as one of the main antagonists. In the game, David has no religious affiliations. In the television adaptation, as reported by TV Insider, David has become a pastor in a Christian community and his actions, including those related to cannibalism, are tied back to an “overt emphasis on Christianity.” The character also attempts to rape the teenage girl, Ellie, who is one of the the show’s dual protagonists.

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