Official Backtracks on Spy Balloons Under Trump Narrative, And It Makes It So Much Worse for Biden

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The Biden administration had barely tossed its bomb before the backtracking began.

In the immediate aftermath of the “Top Gun”-style destruction of a Chinese spy balloon off the coast of South Carolina on Saturday, a “senior defense official” dropped word during a news briefing that such incursions were known to have taken place at least “three times” during former President Donald Trump’s administration.

When Trump exploded in furious denial and key members of his White House backed him up — even outspoken opponents like former National Security Advisor John Bolton — it wasn’t long at all before Biden administration “sources” were feeding a slightly different tale to their media lapdogs — but it only made matters much worse.

Among other former Trump administration officials, former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell flatly denied it:

“Biden’s DoD is shamelessly using an anonymous source to say that Chinese balloons flew over the US under Trump — and the Trump team allowed it,” he wrote. “It is a lie. We never heard this — ever.”

When Bloomberg News senior White House reporter Jennifer Jacobs published a Twitter post about Team Biden being willing to brief Trump officials on what they now “know,” Grenell was equally adamant.

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