Ohio high school cancels production of '25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee' after complaints of vulgarity

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A school district in Ohio has canceled a high school musical after complaints from local residents about the content of the play, which featured two gay characters, a cameo from Jesus, and a song titled “My Unfortunate Erection.”

Cardinal Local Schools District officials announced the decision Monday, calling the production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee “vulgar,” and not “family-friendly,” reports the Daily Mail.

However, the show’s assistant director, Mandi Matchinga, argues that the controversial song, “My Unfortunate Erection” had already been changed to a more school-friendly “My Unfortunate Distraction,” and says she is “stunned” by the decision.

While Matchinga claims that the school district approved the production months ago, officials assert that it was never approved by the board.

“There were concerns about the language in one of the songs,” Matchinga told Fox News 8. “There was a concern about Jesus appearing in the show, and there was a complaint about the fact that two of the parents were gay.”

But despite the changes to the script, as well as making the song more family-friendly, the district decided that the content was “not suitable for our pre-teen and teenage students.”

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