Ohio mom shoots her family of 5, leaving only 1 alive, kills self rather than face eviction

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Four people are dead and one in critical condition after police say a 46-year-old Clermont County, Ohio woman, Theresa Cain, shot and killed her father, husband, son, gunned down her daughter who is alive but in intensive care, and then turned the gun on herself as authorities arrived to evict the family from their foreclosed house.

According to local WXIX News, Clermont County Sheriff Steve Leahy said, “It is tragic and unnecessary. ‘What can we do to keep this from happening again?’ Well, I’m just not that sure that we can. When people are in crisis, it’s not as easy as just reaching out and saying, ‘I need help.’ They are spiraling. Nothing makes sense.”

“What we see here, you can’t make sense of this. Murder is a senseless thing, but then you throw in suicide and the homicide of your family. It’s all very sad. This lady had been totally cooperative the entire time,” the Sheriff added.

Cain’s 74-year-old father William Felton, 50-year-old husband Steven Cain, and 13-year-old son Ethan Cain were all shot and killed within minutes of the arrival of police to serve the family with an eviction notice. The New York Post reports, that Sheriff Leahy said the motive behind the murder-suicide was the family’s “long history” of financial trouble and impending eviction. Theresa Cain reportedly hid the severity of the financial problems from her family according to WXIX. 

Sheriff Leahy said, “You would think there would be resources for someone like them, but I think she kept this a very close secret. Hopefully, Samantha recovers and can help fill in some blanks.”

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