One of Biggest Names in NFL History Goes All-In for Tucker Carlson: ‘Time to Boycott Fox News’

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There are few players in the annals of NFL history who have the legend that quarterback Brett Favre does.

Favre doesn’t just have a Hall of Fame resumé, a Super Bowl ring, 11 Pro Bowls and three Most Valuable Player awards to his name. He has “legend,” as in, “Did you know Brett Favre used to throw the football so hard it would leave imprints in his receiver’s hands?”

Or, “Did you know Favre once threw four touchdowns and for over 300 yards in the first half alone on ‘Monday Night Football’ the day after his father suddenly died?” (this one is demonstrably true.)

Given all that, nobody would blink twice if the legendary NFL gunslinger simply rode off into the sunset after he retired following the 2010 NFL season. Only, the man hasn’t done that. In fact, Favre has never been shy about espousing his opinions on whatever the latest happenings in the culture war are — many of those takes generally having a more conservative tone to them.

Unsurprisingly, Favre has some thoughts on the unceremonious ouster of former Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

In short: The NFL legend is all-in on supporting Carlson.

Favre tweeted out that support alongside a video clip of another former Fox News host, Megyn Kelly, who was discussing the nasty Carlson-Fox News divorce.

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