Ontario math teachers to attend retreat to learn Indigenous, 'non-Eurocentric mathematical knowledges'

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Math teachers in Ontario are invited to take part in a two-day annual retreat in February to deepen their understanding of Indigenous mathematics. 

The event is called Exploring the Power and Potential of Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Mathematics and is being hosted by the Ontario Mathematics Coordinators Association (OMCA). 

Math educators and leaders from across Ontario are being given the opportunity to “deepen their understanding of incorporating Indigenous knowledge systems to enhance – and transform – the teaching and learning of mathematics for all students.”

Throughout the two days, educators will explore how “mathematics, along with other subjects, are not exempt from colonial bias and harmful practices that lead to inequities in student achievement.”

Furthermore, educators will learn how “Indigenous knowledge systems, pedagogies, and methodologies can enhance and support the teaching and learning of mathematical concepts” because “educational spaces can uplift Indigenous knowledge systems and create transformative learning for all students.”

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