Ontario NDP ejects MPP over ‘Islamophobic and racist’ views

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A longtime legislator was removed from the Ontario New Democrats’ caucus following the discovery that he was a part of an “Islamophobic” Facebook group.

MPP Paul Miller was ousted last week following an internal investigation. The party says that they became aware of Miller’s involvement following “a pattern of troubling behaviour that indicated that Paul Miller may harbour Islamophobic, homophobic and racist views.”

“This pattern of behaviour crossed any reasonable line when Mr. Miller’s vet was recently finalized. His membership in the Facebook group called Worldwide Coalition Against Islam was discovered,” said the NDP’s Lucy Watson, according to CTV News.

“Any other candidate and any other caucus member—in any context and attempting to run for any reasonable party—would be disqualified for ever having been a member of an Islamophobic, racist group.”

Miller has claimed that he does not make his own Facebook posts, saying that he has not had the opportunity to clear his name

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