Ontario officially ditching vaccine passports

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Vaccine passports will no longer be required at Ontario businesses who decide to scrap the COVID-19 regulation, starting today.

The Ontario government said last week that starting March 1, most establishments, including theatres, gyms, and restaurants, would be able to move past the vaccine mandates.

Nightclubs, sporting venues, and concert venues, will also be able to lift their capacity limits. Mask mandates, however, will remain in place for some time, though Premier Doug Ford said yesterday that he was personally in favour of eliminating it.

“We’ll wait for his advice and recommendations and once he gives us recommendations we’ll be able to move forward,” Ford said on Monday. “There isn’t a person I talk to who likes these masks, no one likes them, but I have to follow the advice.”

Other venues such as wedding halls and funeral homes will also be able to scrap their COVID-19 regulations that make it so that attendants need to stay two meters away from each other.

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