Ontario Trans Awareness Week lessons include teaching children that some girls have penises

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In honor of Trans Awareness Week, a Canadian teacher put together a week’s worth of activities in which children learn it’s possible to be born with a penis but be a girl on the inside, that adults just guess the sex of babies when they’re born, and that being transgender means being “born in the wrong body.”

Sara Savoia, a teacher with the Simcoe County District School Board in Ontario, made the teaching materials publicly available on Twitter. She recommends the activities for junior to intermediate students, which are grades 4 to 10, but stated that primary resources are “embedded within” the package.

On day one, after being asked what it means to be a boy or a girl, students watch a CBC Kids video titled Gender Explained, in which they learn that it’s possible to be born with a penis but feel like a girl on the inside. After being assured that feeling like a girl on the inside has nothing to do with liking pink or stereotypical “girl” things, the children are told that it’s all about how you feel and who you know yourself to be. 

Next comes another video, this time a read-aloud of Who Are You? – The Kid’s Guide to Gender Identity. From this, Canadian children, many of whom still believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy, are told that grown-ups simply guess a baby’s sex at birth, and are introduced to terms like cisgender, genderqueer, non-binary, bigender, and neutrois.

Then Savoia takes the children back to their original answers of what makes someone a boy or a girl, to see if their answers have changed.

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