Op-Ed: County Clerk Under Fire for Providing the Only Proof We Have of 5.5K Missing Ballots

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As the elected clerk in Mesa County, Colorado, Tina Peters assumed that the election process was secure. However, her assessment changed after there were surprising results in a city election.

Peters knew that Dominion workers would periodically show up to perform “maintenance” on the election computer system. As a precaution, Peters decided to make a backup copy of the 2020 election database before they arrived. This was near the end of May 2021.

When images of voting system information appeared on the internet, the Colorado secretary of state assumed the images came from Peters, and perhaps they did. After all, Peters regarded herself as a whistleblower who was pointing out serious potential problems related to the Dominion upgrade process.

To the Democratic administration in Colorado and to the Merrick Garland Justice Department, Peters was not a whistleblower: She was a criminal.

In August 2021, Mesa County District Attorney Daniel Rubinstein launched a criminal probe into the conduct of Tina Peters and her associates. The Colorado secretary of state asked a district court judge to prohibit Peters from overseeing the next two Mesa County elections, and that request was granted. Later, heavily armed FBI agents conducted early-morning raids on the homes of Peters and three associates. In one case, a battering ram was used to break in the door.

Before long, Peters began receiving death threats, so pillow czar Mike Lindell provided her with security and housing for several weeks. As a result, Peters now faces an ethics probe for receiving a gift valued over $65. Also, she was arrested for allegedly taking pictures during the trial of one of her workers and resisting police when they attempted to seize her phone.

I hope she is flossing her teeth every day — otherwise she might end up in solitary confinement.

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