Op-Ed: The Collapse of the Global American Empire

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Empires rise and empires fall, often through the looking glass of their own internally destructive and self-inflicted wounds.

The Roman Empire, it is said, collapsed under the circumstances of unsustainable debt driven by fiat currency, insatiable desire for war and conquest, disintegration of the moral and social fabric, corrupt degeneracy of its elite, and absorption of foreign elements that never integrated into the pre-established Roman social norms.

The Global American Empire, sometimes known as the Empire of Chaos, will regrettably meet a similar end if it continues on its current path.

As hard-working Americans gathered their families around the Thanksgiving table, more expensive from year to year, the nation’s disengaged ruling elite had no real strategy or willingness to assist their own deteriorating country or citizens. The uni-war party on both sides of the political landscape is rather full of nationalistic fervor, sympathy and passion for every nation and people not named America or American.

In a similar vein, the administration of President Joe Biden continues to be cloaked in secrecy due to a number of controversies that tangle like webs.

The latest polls indicate a significant decrease in popular support for the president and his administration, with the majority of voters agreeing that the country is falling into the abyss. Given Biden’s questionable mental capacity to serve, Americans are left wondering who actually is conducting this train as it runs off the tracks.

Moreover, the administration is perceived as a third Obama mandate, especially when it comes to foreign policy. There are even explicit suggestions that Biden should be openly viewed as the worst president in history, seeing him as the deceitful embodiment of every destructive system and regime.

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