Op-Ed: There Could Be an Even Darker Truth Behind COVID Lab Leak Theory

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If you’re a conspiracy theorist, these days your batting average is soaring.

When Donald Trump and conservatives asserted early on that COVID likely originated in China’s Wuhan lab, Democrats and their media allies rushed to cancel the common sense conclusion as a xenophobic conspiracy theory.

But now, even the FBI and Department of Energy have shunned Democratic pressure and posit that the outbreak most likely did originate in the Chinese government-controlled lab.

Democrats may want to re-examine their fondness for labeling themselves the “party of science.” For one thing, they cannot seem to figure out the clear biological difference between males and females. For another, the value of stock in science has plummeted amid revelations of conspiracies by scientists.

Dr. Anthony (“I Am Science”) Fauci vehemently denied shoveling federal funds to the Wuhan lab and gain-of-function research. Yet Senate hearings and media reporting have provided ample evidence to the contrary.

Damning evidence also has tarred the World Health Organization, which, apparently because of political and economic ties to China, turned a blind eye to clear evidence implicating China in the COVID cover-up. WHO essentially served as the propaganda ministry of the Chinese Communist Party while the virus spread faster because of the cover-up.

As more and more “conspiracy theories” prove to be accurate, perhaps it is time to re-examine an even more controversial conspiracy theory — one that U.S. agencies may have ruled out prematurely.

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