Ottawa father thrown out of school board meeting after questioning policy allowing biological males to use girls’ washrooms

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A chaotic scene unfolded at an Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) meeting Tuesday when a father attempting to raise concerns about trans-identified male students using female washrooms was shut down just one minute into his four-minute speech.

After raising the issue of male students being allowed to use the same bathroom as his 12-year-old daughter, and pointing out how “sexually driven” adolescent males can be, the concerned father was interrupted by trustee Dr. Nili-Kaplan Myrth, who asked him to end his delegation on the grounds that it created “an unsafe environment for people who identify as gender diverse.”

The video of the meeting has since been taken down from YouTube, while the board addresses “concerns that content from the meeting is discriminatory and causes harm towards trans and gender diverse people,” but a clip uploaded to Twitter shows the trans-identified male Board Chair Lyra Evans walking out midway through the father’s speech.

When the father questioned what part of his speech was creating an unsafe environment, he received no answer and then he and a group of people who had shown up to support him were asked to leave the premises. When they protested, the police were called.

“I have a ten- and a twelve-year-old daughter; I have a right to speak,” said the father who identified himself as Nick Morabito. Morabito said he wasn’t present at the board meeting when the policy to allow males into female washrooms was pushed through, and he couldn’t figure out when it had taken place.

“This is about having appropriate and safe boundaries for progression, and doing things in line with the parental community’s wishes,” Morabito managed to say before he was cut off by renowned mask-enthusiast Kaplan Myrth.

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