Oxford seeks people willing to catch COVID for study

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Researchers at the University of Oxford are seeking volunteers for a study in which participants will be infected with the original strain of COVID-19.

In April 2021, researchers at the University of Oxford began a trial to determine how the immune system responds to the COVID-19 virus. The first phase, which is still ongoing, seeks to establish the lowest dose that can infect, but not produce serious illness.

The second phase involves infecting participants with the standardized virus developed in the first, and it is for this part of the trial that researchers are seeking volunteers.

According to Oxford, the goal of the study is to “discover what happens when people who have either already had Covid-19 or who have been vaccinated are exposed to the original strain of virus” from Wuhan.

Vaccinology professor and chief investigator Helen McShane explained that participants will be deliberately exposed to the virus “under a very carefully controlled conditions.”

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