Packers Star Says What We’re All Thinking When Kimmel Attempts to Make Joke About Epstein List

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An NFL star is slamming comedian Jimmy Kimmel for a joke that he made regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s client list.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said during a recent podcast interview that he wanted to know the names of clients for the late, notorious sex offender.

“Did you hear about the Epstein client list about to be released?” Rodgers said. “There’s some files that have some names on them that might be getting released pretty soon.”

Rodgers made the comments on “The Pat McAfee Show,” run by sports analyst Pat McAfee. Rodgers is a friend of McAfee’s and a regular guest on the podcast, according to the New York Post.

Rodgers’ desire to know who was on the list, however, did not go over well with some people, notably late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who in a segment on his show last week made a crude joke in response to Rodgers’ comments.

Kimmel referred to Rodgers as the “whack-Packer” and a “tin foil hatter.” He also suggested that Rodgers was suffering from brain damage, making the rather tasteless joke that “it might be time to re-visit that concussion protocol, Aaron.”

But Kimmel’s attempt at a roast backfired when Rodgers’ teammate, standout Packers tackle David Bakhtiari, came to his defense and slammed Kimmel for his joke.

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