‘Painful to Watch’: Biden Announces He Is Having Trouble Reading for Entire World to See

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Not that the world wasn’t already aware, but President Joe Biden put his seemingly declining cognitive state on display Monday during a trip to Indonesia to meet with communist Chinese President Xi Jinping.

At a news conference on Monday in Bali on the sidelines of the Group of 20 summit, the president had considerable trouble reading from a piece of paper that appeared to have his typical list of preapproved reporters he’s allowed to call on.

While that’s another debate entirely, Biden couldn’t manage to read some of what the piece of paper said.

And the international community had the pleasure of witnessing the nearly 80-year-old man, who already has run America off the tracks, struggle on the world stage. Again.

“Um — uh, I’m having trouble reading this,” the president said. “Reuters, Natandya Bo — Bose.”

The reporter’s name is Nandita Bose, which the White House made clear in a correction to the official transcript of the president’s speech.

“Painful to watch,” The Daily Wire said as it shared the clip.

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