Painful Video: Sen. Kennedy Shreds Woke Athlete So Badly That Witness Next to Him Is Dying

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Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy is inarguably the most witty person in the U.S. Senate.

With a folksy quip or quotation always at the ready, Kennedy can effortlessly dismantle an opponent’s argument with his deadpan delivery while keeping the whole room in stitches.

And the reason why his delivery hits so well is that he makes sense — the common kind, which has become almost extinct in these woke times.

For example, discussing some of his Democratic colleagues who support transgender athletes in women’s sports on Fox News’ “The Story,” Kennedy once said, “One of my Democratic colleague’s witnesses testified that there are three biological sexes and an infinite number of genders. I’ve heard better answers on the dating game.”

In one of his 2022 campaign ads, Kennedy asked “someone” to “please tell the commander-in-chief that neither my car nor the greatest economy in all of human history runs on fairy dust and unicorn urine.”

On Wednesday, the Louisiana senator shredded a climate change “expert” with his poker-faced line of questioning.

Democrats invited Olympic skier Gus Schumacher to testify on “The Nature of Climate Costs,” based on the “profound alterations to our natural landscape” he had witnessed firsthand in his entire 23 years of life.

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