Parental Warning: Satanic Film Starring Jack Black Will Be Marketed as Christmas Movie

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Hollywood is all about representation, but perhaps it’s taking things too far with a Satanic Christmas movie.

After so many years of being allowed to pull the strings behind the scenes through people like Harvey Weinstein, the Prince of Darkness might finally be featured favorably on screen — just in time for the holiday season!

Jack Black is set to star as Satan in a new Farrelly brothers’ comedy “Dear Santa” about a boy who misspells Santa’s name when mailing his wish list, accidentally routing it to hell instead of the North Pole, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Black dropped a hint about the production in a March 11 Instagram post. The uncaptioned photo shows the comedic actor with his head framed in a light-up penguin Christmas photo prop on the film’s seasonally themed set in downtown Decatur, Georgia, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Details are still under wraps, but the project has been in the works for years after Fox acquired the speculative screenplay by Dan Ewen in 2012 for Farrelly Brothers and Conundrum Entertainment, Variety reported.

The screenwriter said he got the idea after a little girl he was babysitting accidentally transposed the letters of Santa’s name in her North Pole missive.

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