Parents Horrified After School Assigned Daughter to Sleep with Boy on Field Trip

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Is there nowhere safe for children?

It wasn’t that long ago when parents could send their kids to school confident adults would protect them. Not anymore. Transgender ideologues have now infiltrated every aspect of society — especially our schools.

In Colorado, some school administrators and teachers are being accused of intentionally subjecting vulnerable students to transgender ideology without the parents knowing about it, The Daily Signal reported Monday.

During a cross-country trip in June, Jefferson County Public Schools “assigned a fifth-grade girl to sleep in the same bed with a fifth-grade boy who identifies as transgender without notifying the girl or her parents,” according to a demand letter sent to the system and Superintendent Tracy Dorland by Alliance Defending Freedom.

ADF is representing the 11-year-old girl’s parents, Joe and Serena Wailes, who want the school to answer for its policies, according to The Daily Signal.

The Waileses say their daughter went on a school-sponsored field trip to Philadelphia and Washington with the assurances from the JCPS that boys and girls would be roomed on different floors.

According to the ADF letter, chaperones were to make it known that boys would not be allowed to visit the girls’ floor and vice versa. Serena Wailes was on the trip with her daughter, but she was not a chaperone.

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